Testing & Analysis

Our world class Test Facility gives us a unique capability to test anything from button sized cells up to large active area stacks. It also offers us the flexibility to test PEM, DMFC and high temperature systems over a wide range of humidities, gas compositions, temperatures and pressures.

Testing and Analysis


  • Electrochemical and material characterisation
  • Sub-scale, single cell (25 – 50cm2) for early MEA product development · Single cell at full stack scale (100 – 800 cm2)
  • stacks up to 32 cells for validation, reproducibility and durability testing

All of our test stations operate 24/7 with built in advanced diagnostics.

Reproducibility, accuracy and reliability are paramount:

  • Calibration and preventative maintenance (USFCC 04-011)
  • Reproducibility and Repeatability testing performed regularly

A wide range of diagnostic techniques is used to fully understand the performance data generated from single cell and stack testing:

  • 3Wayox, cyclic voltammetry, corrosion testing, cell reversal, water and methanol balances, reformate blending, in line fluoride measurement, compression testing, humidity sweep, leak current, AC impedance, transient studies, tracer studies, accelerated durability, drive cycles, reformate sensitivities, half cells (anode over-potential) and ohmic resistance and shorting resistance.

The above capabilities are complemented by a wide range of analytical facilities (EPMA, SEM, TEM, XRD etc.), which are critical for MEA post mortem analysis.

Please contact us at fuelcells@matthey.com for further details.

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