How To Buy


How to buy

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells recognises that each customer has individual requirements depending on the application, hardware and operating conditions that the product component will experience.

Our MEA product range is based upon a flexible design architecture and built from standardised sub-components. This highly effective approach enables optimisation of HiSPEC® MEAs for customers’ specific requirements today, and drives next generation MEA design, within a large-scale manufacturing framework. Your input data (operating conditions, hardware design and performance characteristics) are analysed in our MEA design process, and an appropriate MEA is recommended to meet your needs. Technical support is available to ensure that you achieve the best possible performance.

The correct choice of catalysts for use in fuel cell systems is key to optimum performance, and technical advice is also available for selection of HiSPEC PEM electro-catalysts, and catalyst coated components for use in fuel processing systems.

The Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Sales Team operates globally with local representatives in Europe, North America and Asia. Please send all enquiries to

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