Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells provides a complete range of products and services to the PEMFC industry:

Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)

Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)

Johnson Matthey specialises in manufacturing membrane electrode assembly (MEA) components for developers and manufacturers of polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) systems for hydrogen, reformate and direct methanol operation.

Fuel Cell CatalystsFuel Cell Catalysts

Fuel Cell Catalysts

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells has committed many years of R&D to catalyst development and optimisation.

Fuel Processor CatalystsFuel Processor Catalysts

Fuel Processor Catalysts

Fuel processor coated catalyst components are manufactured for applications requiring reforming of an input fuel (natural gas, LPG/butane, gasoline, methanol) to provide hydrogen for PEMFC stacks.

Precious Metal ManagementPrecious Metal Management

Precious Metal Management

With the growth of fuel cell markets, the value of precious metal involved will become large. As the largest secondary refiner of precious metals in the world, Johnson Matthey can offer services for managing precious metal.

Testing & AnalysisTesting & Analysis

Testing & Analysis

The HiSPECĀ® fuel cell testing services
Our world class Test Facility gives us a unique capability to test anything from button sized cells up to large active area stacks.

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