Fuel Cell Catalysts

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells has committed many years of R&D to catalyst development and optimisation.

Fuel cell catalysts

The HiSPEC® Catalyst product range

A wide range of HiSPEC® Catalysts for different fuel types and operating conditions are produced at our US manufacturing plant.

The HiSPEC® Catalysts product range includes single component, alloy, supported and unsupported catalysts. All are manufactured to a consistently high standard in our quality approved, high volume facility.

The following is an example of some of the more popular products:

ProductComposition*Typical Use
HiSPEC 1000>95% Pt blackMethanol
HiSPEC 400040% Pt, SupportedHydrogen
HiSPEC 600060% Pt, 30% Ru blackMethanol, reformate
HiSPEC 910057% Pt, SupportedHydrogen
HiSPEC 1210048% Pt, 24% Ru, SupportedMethanol, reformate
HiSPEC 1310072% Pt, SupportedHydrogen







*Typical values

Fuel Cell Catalysts

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