Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)

Johnson Matthey specialises in manufacturing membrane electrode assembly (MEA) components for developers and manufacturers of polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) systems for hydrogen, reformate and direct methanol operation.


The HiSPEC® MEA product range

MEAs can experience a wide variety of conditions depending upon the hardware and final application. The requirements of each of our customers are evaluated in detail and the most appropriate MEA option is recommended for their system. Comprehensive technical support can be provided to ensure that our customers can achieved their desired performance.

HiSPEC® MEAs are available for the following typical applications:

ApplicationFuelKey Performance Requirements
Automotive, other transport, back-up power, material handling, portable, stationaryHydrogenHigh power density and high durability
Stationary, portableReformateHigh power density, high durability and CO tolerance
Portable, battery chargersMethanolHigh power density and low degradation rate under ‘active’ conditions

High power density, low degradation rate and low methanol cross-over under ‘passive’ conditions



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